Allied Shades Products: Shades

We offer different types of shades such as Roller Shades, Solar Screen Shades, and Solar Shades. Shades are essential to your window, as they protect you from harmful UV rays that may enter the room. Work and stay in your place in the most relaxing and comfortable environment with our reliable window treatment products such as shades.

  • Roller Shades

These provide a simple yet elegant way to cover your windows with an excellent design, as they are both stylish and practical. They are often minimal, sleek, and modern. We offer roller shades that can keep harmful UV rays at bay, leaving your room a comfortable place to stay in. Roller shades are among the most popular and practical window coverings available in the market these days, and we are glad to offer you exclusively designed roller shades that come in various textures.

The advantages of our roller shades are their simple yet very stylish finish. The simple roller-based mechanism makes a timeless window shade design for every window type. This simple functionality in classis look is one of the many advantages of roller shades, which make them the top choice in the window fashion. They only differ in the fabric used and other essential material that makes a unique look for each shade. We offer durable and reliable roller shades for your practicality. We are proud to say that the window treatment product that we offer never goes out of style and can actually match your window type.

Roller shades have higher value and they are one of the inexpensive window treatment products. Roller shades also offer the highest value among the window coverings. This is the particular choice of our budget conscious customers who want extreme satisfaction about the product.

  • Honeycomb Shades

We offer Honeycomb Shades for UV protection and light reduction where you can manage the sun rays for a more comfortable place. Our honeycomb shades come in classic and stylish look and at the same time helps to block the sun’s damaging rays. They are presented in huge number of fabrics which can turn your room into perfectly complementing décor for a smooth appearance.

We can help you choose the opacity and honeycomb shades to regulate light effectively. Our special honeycomb shades are reliable and practical to use in your window treatment needs.

  • Solar Screen Shades

We also offer solar screen shades in different colors, designs, and openness factor to meet you standards and needs. Our solar screen shades are available in light fabrics, dark fabrics, and high performance reflective fabrics that provide heat control, natural light management, glare control, manage light, and UV protection.

We provide high performance solar screen fabrics designed to manage light and dark fabrics to control glare and heat. Solar screen shades are specially made for UV protection, while the high performance fabrics help in giving low visible dark and light colored solar screen. These are the essential advantages of our solar screen shades for your comfortable and efficient use.